The Ten Point Challenge

If you cannot answer “yes” to all ten questions, contact us today for free consultation. We’ll help you operate your association with efficiency and ease. Whether you are currently self managed or already work with an outside management company, we give you our promise to either hold your maintenance fees at their current level or lower them within six months from the date you hire us.

  1. Does your current manager make weekly site visits to your property, inspecting it for developing maintenance concerns, conservation in utility consumption and community rule compliance?
  2. Do you receive at least weekly phone or email contact from your management company giving you the results of these inspections and other updates?
  3. Do you as a Board member have 24/7 cell phone access to your manager in case of emergencies?
  4. Does your management company maintain three separate email contact lists for your Board, owners and other residents?
  5. Does your manager attend all Board meetings, prepare and post notices, audio record the proceedings and write minutes?
  6. Does your management company act as point of contact with title companies, Realtors, owners and prospective residents to provide needed information and documentation during sales, refinances and insurance renewals?
  7. Does your management company require and conduct background checks on all incoming residents as provided in your community governing documents?
  8. Does your management company actively and aggressively pursue all collection accounts and foreclosure cases?
  9. Does your manager assist your Board in developing your yearly budget and reserve account analysis?
  10. Does your management company provide a web portal to all owners to view the status of their account, reference the community’s important documents, and report maintenance issues?